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Elizabeth Kahura

elizabeth drumming

Elizabeth Kahura was born in Kenya. She is a teacher by profession and also loves to entertain. Elizabeth's first visit to United States was in 1995 where she worked as a camp consoler at the Jones Gulch Y.M.C.A in California. It was during this time that she decided to start the African Safari program that would help to enlighten the world on the true meaning of Africa.

Elizabeth later visited Texas, where she has continued doing many presentations about Africa in different learning institutions, like independent school districts, daycares libraries, Y.M.C.A, and various conferences. 

Her main focus is, "knowledge enrichment to the society." This has been enhanced by coming up with many different shows that suits any cultural events like Kwanzaa, black history month, cultural diversity, safari week, music fair and many more. 

authentic dressWith a lot of inspiration from friends, principals, directors and different Library managers, Elizabeth is gradually growing and coming up with different projects for her audience. Her main goal is to travel all around United States teaching about Africa. Elizabeth has also put together educative CDS and Books to go along with her programs. Other interests include music, movies, swimming and traveling.

"Elizabeth Kahura, one of our new artists, made her first visit to Tyler in November. This incredible performer kept the students spellbound with her authentic African costumes, instruments, props and stories. Her shows demonstrate the similarities and differences between US and African cultures; the main goal of her programs is to encourage a more tolerant attitude towards those cultural differences.

One of the schools has already begun using her catch phrase as a guideline in their school - "Good choices, good things". THANK YOU Elizabeth for joining our roster "
Pam linser,
Education Director,
Young Audiences of Northeast Texas